Well we finally decided to take our big trip around the world. The time just seems to be right, not necessarily the most perfect time but the best that we are going to get. We’ve always been planning to do an “Around the World” trip but a couple of things really Flying Awayprompted the massive speed up of our travel plans. One, my job is ending and they are giving me a sizable chunk of change. Two I will be between jobs, starting a job and then traveling for a year doesn’t sound like the wisest move. And three, I am in my last quarter of school. The only real problem with leaving now is that Jodi just got accepted into the Master of Public Health at John Hopkins, so she would have to take a leave from school for a year. But we worked out the numbers and it looks like she will be able to pull it off. So right now we are planning on leaving in September 2008, but there are still tons of thing to be planned out and problems that need to be solved; not to mention that we need a bunch of luck to go our way.

One Response to “Planning Stage”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations, you guys, for making the decision to just GO. Maikael and I felt much the same way: it’s not the best time in the world to go (gas prices, world food shortages, airline crises, weak dollar, blah blah blah!), but it’s the best time for *us* to go. In the end, I think that’s more important. Can’t wait to follow your exciting journey!