DisneylandThe whole Seattle team, minus Tom and Cori, travelled to California for one last party in Disneyland. I felt a little guilty about going considering all the house work that I need to finish before we sell the house, but I am a sucker for free trips, anything that is free you can count me in. Plus, it’s Disneyland and it’s only two day. So, I just resigned myself to doubling my efforts on the house when I came back. Luckily I slept the entire way down, mainly due to only getting two hours of sleep the night before. Like I said, lots of house projects–but at least I showed up ready to go and hit the rides. A full day of rides, pizza, and churros makes Chris very happy. It was really crowded for a Wednesday but we hit all the rides that were important: Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, etc….

After an exciting (exhausting) day at the park, it was time for our group dinner at the ESPN Zone in BunkbedsDowntown Disney. Free food, free alcohol, and free video games makes for a great night. Finally it was back to the hotel for a few hours sleep. I have to say that the Disney’s California Adventure hotel was really nice; awesome lobby and the room that I had was very nice. There was only one of me but the room could easily sleep five and it had bunk beds! Unfortunately, I only stayed one night, and I decided to sleep in the queen rather than the top bunk… if only I stayed two nights. 

With an early wake up call, it was time to hit the characters breakfast at the Story Tellers restaurant. There were not as many characters there as I thought there would be.Dale If I had kids and had actually paid I would have been a bit disappointed. Overall I would say that I saw about seven characters in the hour and a half that we were there, with Chip & Dale being the highlight. After breakfast it was back to the park for a few more hours. There were a lot less people so we breezed through the park hitting the rides that we missed, or wanted to go on again, Tower of Terror, Soaring over California, Indiana Jones etc… I would have to say that the highlight for the day was going to Blue Bayou Restaurant for the monte cristco, by far one of my favorite lunch time meals.

ouchFinally, we arrived in Seattle. I took the shuttle to the Masterpark, where I left my car. Upon arrivial I was politely taken aside and told that my car was in some kind of incident. Well I guess someone, one of the valets, hit my car and pretty much smashed in the grill. It looks like I will have to get the hood replaced and have the grill repaired. They said that they are going to pay for it so I just have to get an estimate and get it done.

Overall it was a great trip, now it’s back to work.

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