Its been about three and a half years, but I’m finally done with school. I just turned in my last final for the quarter and probably my last final ever.

It all started when Disney, my employer, decided to increase its education reimbursement benefit. What a fantastic deal, they pretty much would pay for two thirds of a graduate degree at any college that I wanted. Sweet! I looked around, consulted a few coworkers, who were in MBA programs, and decided that the best programs in my area were at the University of Washington — great teachers, close to work and school, and some interesting programs. I knew I wanted to do something inUW crest technology/business so it came down to really only one program. The Master of Science/MBA in Information Systems (MSMBAIS), it was kind of a weird hybrid MBA program. I could either choose to get my Masters of Science or get an MBA. Since I like technology, I choose the MS degree as it offered a few more tech related classes. Lets just say after a little brown nosing and constant nagging of the admins I got in, despite my performance on the GMAT. It was a great one and a half year program, sure I had to go to school full-time and work at my full-time job, but with the help and support of Jodi I was able to make it through.

But a funny thing happened after I graduated, they offered me the option of also getting my MBA for a measly six more classes. This sounded like the deal of the century, considering that Disney would be paying 100% of it. I figured I could take my time and take a class here and there. I had two years to finish the six classes and that is exactly what it took. I finished just under the wire. It’s one more thing I can cross off my list, graduate level education, check! Now, on to the rest of the list ……

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