Chris on July 22nd, 2008

So I think we might need a few gadgets for our trip, mostly for documenting our experiences and planning our trip while on the road. The gadgets must meet the following criteria: small, lightweight, and (most importantly) cheap. Photos Right now we own a couple of digital cameras. I am taking the Canon SD850 IS, which is compact [...]

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Chris on July 21st, 2008

After months of researching, we finally planned our South America route with the expectation it will all probably change once we arrive. We plan to hit most of the highlights of the countries that we are visiting. If you have any suggestions of places that are a “must see”, please feel free to comment. Ecuador [...]

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Jodi on July 13th, 2008

I’m a self proclaimed travel blog collecter. Over the years, I’ve bookmarked nearly 100 travel blogs. Every now and then I cull the herd and add a few more. When we got serious about our travel planning, my good friend, Kate, sent me a link to a couple’s travel blog that she thought I’d enjoy. [...]

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Jodi on July 11th, 2008

Actually financially committing oneself to traveling around the world  (i.e., plunking cash down for airline tickets) feels much like standing on the edge of cliff trying to drum up the courage to take the plunge into the deep waters below. Do you remember what that feels like? Your friends are gathered around; there’s no backing away; you’ve [...]

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