Elizabeth and Maikael (The Kindness of Strangers)I’m a self proclaimed travel blog collecter. Over the years, I’ve bookmarked nearly 100 travel blogs. Every now and then I cull the herd and add a few more. When we got serious about our travel planning, my good friend, Kate, sent me a link to a couple’s travel blog that she thought I’d enjoy. As it turns out, this couple’s travel blog embodies the spirit of travel like no other I’ve seen. They plan to rely on the kindness of strangers to connect to the local culture, whether that be through a guided city tour or local tips of what to eat/see. It’s a really cool concept, and to read more about it click here.

As they hadn’t yet started out on their epic journey, I wrote to them instantly. Their blog is full of all sorts of useful information. We’ve been corresponding for quite some time now about the same trials and tribulations. Planning a RTW trip is no easy matter! In any event, they’ve made it through the thistles and weeds of RTW planning to the other end. Today, they set off on their journey. They’ve given us so much in terms of handy tips and excellent recommendations, it’s the least we can do to reach out to those who may know others. If you know anyone living in the countries they’ll be visiting, please send the link below on to them. They’re not looking for much, just maybe some tips of where to visit and perhaps a tour of a lovely city … You know, the kindness of strangers.

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  1. Elizabeth says:


    This is so sweet of you! *You* embody the kindness of strangers, seeing as though we’ve never met. I feel like I know you, though, and hope we have a chance to meet in the real world beyond the virtual one :)