So I think we might need a few gadgets for our trip, mostly for documenting our experiences and planning our trip while on the road. The gadgets must meet the following criteria: small, lightweight, and (most importantly) cheap.

Right now we own a couple of digital cameras. I am taking the Canon SD850 IS, which is compact and takes some nice pictures. Jodi is taking her Konica Minolta MAXXUM 7D; this SLR is a bit big and bulky but takes really good shots. Since Jodi is adamant about taking this nearly 2lb camera, she is the one who will be carrying it.

For this trip I think we need something a bit more than just photos. There are going to be times when having some video will be very cool, catching our ooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs about the spectacular surroundings. We can also use it to keep a video diary of our trip.

Some friends of ours recently bought a video recorder that I think will fit our needs. The Flip is totally small and will hopefully do everything that we need. What it lacks in video quality it makes up in its size and simplicity of use. And, the best thing is its price–you can get one for about $140, which seems pretty darn good for its quality.

I also think having a small compact computer will come in handy and make our lives easier. We plan to take advantage of any free wi-fi hotspots that we find instead of relying solely on internet cafes. We can also work on the blog when we have some free time and quickly upload it when we get somewhere that has the internet available. It can also be used as a hard drive for our videos and pictures. And finally, we can use it to research our next destination, book hostels, and find good restaurants.

I am really considering the Fujitsu Lifebook U810, it’s small, has wi-fi and bluetooth, and skype capabilities (to make phone calls). One bad thing is that others report the keyboard is hard to use. Since it’s bluetooth enabled, I will probably just get a folding bluetooth keyboard like Freedom Bluetooth Keyboard.

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