Each day we grow more concerned about our funding flows. It seems we are hemorrhaging money like water through a fire hose. We are not spending our money on one thing alone, but spattering it everywhere. Budgeting for a trip around the world is not an easy task. When we set our plan in motion, we thought we covered our bases. However, unexpected costs add up and we have blown our budget by getting the Subaru ready for sale (maintenance service, interior detailing, bodywork), ensuring our house is in prime showing condition (staging, professional photography, remodeling updates), and maintaining a connection upon our return (storage, pet care, 401k plan/life insurance).

That being said, we are still forging ahead but may need to adjust our plans in the future. We could very well be returning from Asia by February 2009 rather than Africa in August 2009 (Chris would like everyone to know he does not share this concern). I am, however, looking at our projected funding flows every day and the picture is less bright.

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One Response to “Funding flows”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, guys,

    Just had to let you know that we felt EXACTLY the same way about hemorrhaging money right before we left on our trip. I can only guess it’s a normal feeling. I can’t wait to start following you on your amazing journey!