Since we are leaving for a year, we really needed to whittle down our possessions. This a necessity for storage reasons, but it also just makes me feel good ridding ourselves of excess baggage. Overall our yard sale worked out pretty well; we advertised online using craigslist, and we put up signs the day of to entice some of the neighbors and random people who were driving nearby. We could not host the sale at our house since it is on the market, and we figured people would be coming through in droves to preview it. Fortunately we have some friends with a nice front yard and it just happens that they were out of town, so they generously offered up their yard for our sale. It took three good car loads but we managed to get everything over there for our 10am start. While I was out getting our final load, Jodi was busy setting everything up. I do not think she was totally ready for people to show up at 9:30am for our 10am start but people do like a good deal. There was tons of haggling going on throughout the day and some “holding my ground” stands, mostly from me. Everything was going just fine until 3pm when it started to rain, and we decided to pack it in. We ended up taking most of the remaining items to Goodwill. Overall, we sold three-fourths of our stuff and came out with nearly $200 in sales. So, I would say it was a pretty good day. In WTER (world-travel exchange rate) that amounts to two Bolivian visas, 10 nights in an Ecuadorian hostel, or two RT bus tickets from Mendoza to Patagonia!!

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