It seems like only a few months ago that we were saying our vows on the secluded beaches of Kalaloch; how quickly a year goes by . . . We spent nearly two years planning for our wedding, and by the end I felt I could write a book on the ins and outs of such planning. I feel much the same with RTW travel.

We are now self-proclaimed experts in RTW insurance coverage, visa coordination, and airline ticketing. This may sound to the uninitiated as no big deal, but trust me – I think we will be logistics masters by the end of this trip. Our biggest challenge in this arena is coordinating visas for Vietnam, China, and Russia, respectively. Traveling to each of these countries in succession is the trifecta of all visa coordination. If we pull it off, I feel it will be one of our greatest successes on the road. Michael Phelps has his gold medals; we have our visas (if only there were a stage to show them off!). This process is complicated by the fact that none of these countries “officially” allow one to apply for a visa outside his home country, and one cannot apply 90 days before travel in that country. As we will be traveling in Asia during the 90 day application window, I have one word—Tricky . . .

If we managed to pull off a beautiful wedding in a bare bones location, I am optimistic we can pull off our RTW travel coordination with just as much vigor. Here’s to one year under our belt and many more to come!

Photo credit: Derek Pearson

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