Lately, we have been trading off on the sleepless nights. Well, actually Chris has only had one–but I often wake him during mine so I count that as though we are in the same boat. Concerns over how far we can stretch our funds seems to be the highest ranking, but it is the thoughts imbibed in fear that keep me awake.

By nature, I like to have escape routes planned. Days to weeks before a trip, I usually think about all the horrible things that could go wrong and visualize ways to counteract them. It is a horribly morbid trait of mine. Once before a ferry crossing to Vancouver Island, I planned how we “might” escape from a sinking ferry. It seemed absurd at the time because those ferries make the same crossing day in and day out, but that same weekend a ferry hit the rocky shore and sank. Of course, we were not on the ferry that sank, but had we been–you can be assured I had a plan. Sometimes fear is good, most of the time it causes me sleepless nights.

Tonight, I lie awake thinking about rabies. Yes, rabies. It kills nearly 50,000 people every year in South America, Asia, and Africa. Granted, most cases are from dog bites but vampire bat bites are on the rise. And no, we cannot get vaccinated. There is a vaccine shortage, and the existing supplies must be reserved for those that get bitten. Psah, you say.

Well, just last year bat bites in Peru and Ecuador afflicted 1100 people with rabies. Without immediate treatment, there is only one outcome–death. But, do not fret. Thanks to the CDC, I am properly acquainted with the treatment regimen for rabies, or at least can fake my way through it. To stand a chance of survival, administration of vaccine and human rabies immune globulin (or equine IG)  must occur within 24 hours. This is our best bet for survival if bitten; not much of plan per se but it is better than nothing.

I realize my worries and “plans” are most likely in vain. Life is unpredictable, but working out the most absurd safety plan makes me feel a little safer and sleep a little bit better at night.

6 Responses to “Sleepless in Seattle”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Have you read anything by Bill Bryson? He is a great travel writer who, no matter where he goes, obsesses about all the things in a given environment that could potentially kill or harm him!

  2. Jeannie says:

    stop obsessing “Gary”!!!

  3. Tina says:

    Hey, let me know if you need any suggestions on Buenos Aires…places to eat, whatever… I’m a fellow Seattlite living down here…
    Have fun! Glad I found this blog!

  4. Mike says:

    Good luck on your trip. I can’t wait until I can go backpacking around the world.

  5. Gillian says:

    Hi Chris and Jodi,
    I’ve just stumbled onto your site as I search for RTW travelogues to fuel my current addiction. We, too, are planning an RTW trip starting in June2009 and are also working on a blog ( Both pieces are a lot of work – I can relate to your posts about planning and anxiety…and my trip is 9 months away! I can’t imagine how excited you must be to be leaving so soon! I will add you to my RSS feed and am looking forward to following you.


  6. Gillian says:

    Also, we are practically neighbors…we’re from Victoria BC!! It’s good to see a fellow ‘WestCoaster’ get out and see the world!!