Embarking on this trip was no simple feat. We believe hitting the road would be significantly more difficult without the help of our RTW saviors. Here´s a shout out to those folks that are storing our belongings and caring for Lucy.

Sylvia and Dave
We are not sure how we will ever be able to repay Sylvia and Dave. About a month ago we were scrambling to find care for Lucy for a few months and randomly mentioned it to Sylvia during dinner. With barely a note of hesitation, she offered herself and Dave up to the possibility. She called it a co-op for Lucy; she gets the love and fun of having a dog, but not the 10+ year time commitment. We will be indebted forever to them, and if they ever decided to own rather than co-op we will return the favor.


Mom and Dad Udd
My mom and dad will also be caring for our Lucy during the second leg of our journey. This is a huge relief to us, but worries me a bit as the last time they cared for their first grandchild dog for me, she managed to devour rat poison and chocolate (on more than one occasion). They assure me they will take better care of their second grandchild dog (Lucy). And, understandably Grandchild Nellie liked to eat anything and everything. We once came home to white dust spread all over the floor—only to realize she ate a whole bag of bisquick.


Mom Feser
Two weeks ago, Chris´mom opened the door to us foregoing a storage unit. She offered up a room in her house for our belongings. Looking at the size of her room, it sparked the idea that we might not have to pay for any storage! I am happy to report that all our our belongings are out of storage, but we completely underestimated the amount of stuff two people and a dog accumulate. Carol´s room is filled to the brim (as well as other saviors below).

Grandpa Carl and Aunt Kathy
We owe a huge thanks to Grandpa Carl and Aunt Kathy for letting us borrow their truck and lending us space in their house. I do not think we could pull this off if they did not take on one of our couches and countless boxes. I estimate we made ten trips to their house—each time saying ¨I think this is the last of it¨. At 11pm, it was truly the last trip, and I am sure they breathed a sigh of relief (as did we)


Jeannie, Brian, Scout, and Fisher
Did I mention that we have a lot of stuff? When I first called my sister I said that we just had a few large things–a dresser and two cabinets. A full trailer and truckload later, we had more than a few large items. Brian, Jean´s husband, is an expert packer and managed to get everything organized into a 10×5 corner. In exchange for their space, they get use of our flatscreen tv (we think that´s a fair trade!)

A huge thanks to our RTW saviors!!

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  1. Dad says:

    What?! I thought Lucy care takers got the flat screen TV. How did Brian get such influence? Loved the pictures. Have a great trip. We are off to Amsterdam tomorrow.