Tolken fans might be surprised to learn there is another middle earth. We bypassed Tolken’s middle earth in New Zealand, so the least we could do was visit the Ecuadorian one. Mitad del Mundo is the equatorial line (or close enough to it), dividing the Northern and Southern hemispheres. We were told it was like Disneyland. It was somewhat similar to Disneyland in the fact that everything was brightly painted and very touristy, but unlike Disneyland this place was deserted. And, I mean deserted; Friday must be an off day for visiting Mitad del Mundo. Once we had enough of jumping back and forth between hemispheres, we made our way to the volcanic crater of Pululahua.

Chris is really getting into pinching our pennies, so instead of taking a $4/pp tour from the Mitad del Mundo complex we opted to try our luck at waving down a passing bus on the road. I think three passed before we really got the courage to truly flag one down. Little by little we are learning, and it is these little successes that make us feel like we are getting a few things right. The bus dropped us off the main road in front of a sign for the volcano. For some reason, I really thought the bus might take us to the top of the volcano, but no we walked the 1.5+ mile up the road to the entrance of Pululahua–all the time wondering whether saving the $6 (total) was really worth it. The view from the crater rim is really impressive. Even more impressive is that people live and cultivate the land in the crater. It is a steep descent into the crater, so we could only imagine the amount of effort it must take to live in the crater and farm. We chose not to go down due to the $5/pp entrance fee (did I mention Chris is pinching pennies?).

4 Responses to “The ¨other¨ middle earth”

  1. John says:

    Great reporting. We almost feel that we are there with you. You will have to give us a report on how you are doing on your $80/day budget in a week or so. What are you eating? Dining out or just hitting the street vendors? What are your accommodations like? Keep those reports coming. John

  2. Jeannie says:

    Sounds like fun! Scout asks everyday why your car and mom’s van is in the driveway. Dave K. emailed today for work stuff. He mentioned that Lucy is doing well, she settled in right away and is very obedient. I guess it isn’t the dog, it’s the owner… ;-)
    Love ya!

  3. Mom F says:

    Hola Amigos, How’s the Spanish lessons going. I’m glad your wonderful adventure has started well. I look forward with anticipation to the next chapter. PS: Babysitting the sofa is OK, but I want to be in the running for the TV too. Love MOM

  4. Mom u says:

    Enjoying your blog. I can’t imagine Jodi wanting to pinch pennies so was not surprised it was Chris keeping track of the money. Good for you Chris
    Glad all is well. Love, Mom U