On Sunday, we ventured to Cuicocha Lake, an active crater lake residing within an extinct volcano. We took a short boat ride on the lake to get a closer view of some of the wildlife and vegetation. Gas emissions from the crater still bubble to the surface, and the lake is home to 400 species of vegetation.

We originally planned to hike around the rim of the extinct volcano, but due to safety concerns (robbers) we decided to only walk a small portion of it. Likewise, the view of the Cotacachi volcano was obscured by clouds, so the hike would not have been as picturesque. For pictures from our recent adventures, see Chris´ and Jodi´s flickr pages.

(As a side note: We are finding that paranoia is setting in about our safety on hikes. We may  forego bringing our cameras and valuables in exchange for a sense of security while hiking in less traveled areas. The stories of people being held up with large machine guns are rampant).

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One Response to “Laguna Cuicocha”

  1. Kate says:

    Hi Jodi and Chris,
    So bummed I missed you today on IM, I could see you but you could not see me and then there was chaos with Dino and Gigi…maybe next time. Please do not bring home tales of being robbed at gun point. And thanks for the great photos.
    MISS YOU!!!