We thought we would lead you on a walking tour of Otavalo. We walk the same route each day from our homestay to our Spanish school. Here are some notable places on our walk.

The Secret Bar. A few nights ago, we came home late and discovered what we called “The Secret Bar”. It is three doors down in a non-descript building with no signs. We noticed the neon lights, people talking, and music and just assumed it was a locals-only bar. Later on, we asked our family the word for “secret” and then asked about the secret bar, only to learn that it is a brothel. We have a new found interest in the secret bar as we have not seen the door open since nor anyone come and go.
A slice for $1. We immediately noticed the pizza place offering up a sice and a coke for only $1. It seems like a great deal. If we were to only eat there, we would easily stay under our daily food budget. However, our homestay family told us that it is mostly bread and no cheese or other toppings. I will have to test it out anyway once our stay with the family is over.
The coffin shop. The coffin store seems to do a brisk business, which we find somewhat surprising since there seems to be a few coffin places in Otavalo. The coffins are ornate and beautiful in there own way. We are curious about how much they cost, but are too timid to enter the store. They appear to be made in the back and we wonder if you can have one custom made.
The bakery. Our family buys fresh bread daily from this bakery. In Otavalo it seems every block has a bakery. We enjoy the fresh croissants and rolls that the store offers. The bakeries usually have cookies and donuts that look really good, but they fail to meet our expectations. Jodi has tried a few of their chocolate cake/cookie treats but is disappointed every time when they do not taste like chocolate.
The bank. This seems to be the preferred bank in town. We pass a few banks on our walk, but this one always has a line. On Monday mornings, the line stretches halfway down the building and continues to have a line well into the afternoon. We are always curious why this bank is so popular. And of course, since this is a bank, there is a security guard just outside the door holding either a large shotgun or semi-automatic rifle.
Internet Cafe. Otavalo is floaded with internet places. It took us a while to find a good one, but Coffee.net seems to have fairly good speeds. It costs about $1/hour with 30 min. free for every hour spent during happy hour. Unfortunately, we have yet to take advantage of the happy hour due to the restrictions, most of which we do not understand. We feel certain,however,that before we leave Otavalo we will figure out how to use our 60 mins of free internet time.

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3 Responses to “Take a walk with Chris and Jodi”

  1. Kathy@Gramps says:

    Hi Chris and Jodi,
    We are having a wonderful time on your trip.
    The pictures the tours and stories are so fun.How are the spanish classes going?bien?
    We are looking forward to our next adventure stay safe We love you Kathy and Gramps

  2. Becca says:

    Hey there-
    I’m glad the adventure is off to a great start! I’m enjoying the vacation from my desk that your blog provides:) Take care and travel safe! Let me know when you have wine recommendations.

  3. Jamie says:

    Great post!!! I am always curious to hear what it is like to “live” in foreign lands, and the day to day is the most interesting. It sounds like you are having a great trip, and I wish you the best. Hopefully I will be able to post more on India soon. Happy Travels!!!!