Jodi has finally found a bus that she likes, of course it has leather seats, a movie, food, and free onboard internet. And, that is exactly where we are writing this post from, on our way to Lima. We are about an hour into the nine hour ride but Jodi’s smile hasn’t left.


We made it to Lima and had a good bus ride, considering it was nine hours. They showed three movies (Ratatouille, Bee Movie and The Devil Wears Prada). The Internet worked great until my battery died. The food was good; breakfast was breads and coffee, lunch was chicken, rice, potatoes and peaches. Jodi really liked the leather seats that had a lot of room. We also looked at Peru pass us by; desert on the left and the Pacific Ocean on the right as we made our way south.

In fact we arrived at the bus terminal and decided to keep on moving to Arequipa, we’ve heard from a few travelers that Lima wasn’t that great for them but Arequipa was amazing. So this will give us some time to hang out there. It will be a long day since Lima to Arequipa is fourteen hours away (for a total time of 23 hours on a bus for the day), but as of now we feel pretty rested and ready to take it on. Unfortunately we won’t have the deluxe seats but we should be OK with the slightly narrower, non-leather seats. We are currently recharging the computer and my Ipod for our next leg of our journey. We should arrive around 9am, where we will promply find a hostel and sleep.

3 Responses to “Happy Bus”

  1. Mom and Dad says:

    We either spoiled our daughters, or they were to the manor born but became changelings in the hospital. Jodi´s smile says it all. We like traveling in comfort and staying in nice hotels.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Aw, you look so genuinely happy, Jodi! I can relate. :)

  3. Sabina says:

    Hi Jodi and Chris~

    I am friend of Kate G. and she has kindly sent me a link to your web site since my boyfriend and I are planning a trip around the world starting in July of ’09.
    I have found your postings very informational and very entertaining, I almost feel like I know you guys, so I hope you don’t mind me reading them.
    I had a question about your trip from Ecuador to Peru. Could you please tell me what your departure city/town was in Ecuador, what bus company did you go with and what was the cost? The bus looks great!

    Hope you guys are having fun and wish you safe travels.

    Sabina G.

    P.S Please let me know if it would be okay to post more questions as our trip planning intensifies. Thanks! =)