During any extended trip, there is a point when fatigue gets the best of you. For us, exhaustion hit in Bariloche, a Bavarian-like city set amongst pristine lakes and mountains. In making our way to Bariloche, we planned several hikes for our stay. Despite setting our alarms to wake early, each morning passed without us rising before 9am. Besides being known for the great hiking in the area, Bariloche is a mecca for Swiss chocolate and fine cuisine. So, instead of hiking in the hills and surrounding lakes, we ate and slept most of our time away in Bariloche.

On the day we managed a hike, we enjoyed incredible vistas. Reminiscent of home, lupine decorated the lakes while snow covered peaks rose in the distance. Longing for home, we pretended we were in the North Cascades, imagining that in no time at all we could return home to turkey burgers and cereal. (Yes, it’s true; our minds often go to the food we miss: turkey burgers, Raisin Bran Crunch cereal, and Kraft mac & cheese. We are truly very simple people.) I find that we often look for similarities between the places we visit and home. Perhaps, it’s to feel like we’re a little closer to home or to feel like we have a bit of home with us. I’ve seen my parents among a group of tourists at Machu Picchu; my mom with her visor, my dad with his large sunglasses. We’ve met people along the way reminiscent of our good friends, and landscapes that make us yearn for home. We return home for a break in just two short weeks, and we’re looking forward to our short, but much needed reprieve from traveling.

6 Responses to “In need of a vacation from our vacation”

  1. kate Goldyn says:

    Oh Jodi you are homesick. that is so cute! We miss you too! When you get back you are going to realize that we are going to be here just the same at the end of Dec or the end of the summer.
    So enjoy! xoxoxo

  2. Jeannie says:

    Scout asked the other day if Jodi and Chris were only seeing animals on their trip or if they were buying stuff for her! ;-) I told her they were only seeing animals….

  3. Lyla says:

    Yes, indeed… we miss you too! But as Kate said, we will continue to be your “constants” while you are experiencing the trip of a lifetime. After just 7 days in Buenos Aires, we were ready for some of the familiarity of home, so I can only imagine some homesickness amongst your ever-changing landscapes, languages, currency, and cuisine. We CAN’T WAIT to see you soon!!

    Lyla and John

  4. Mom says:

    I’m amazed the pictures look so much like home, and as you said the Cascades.
    I’m glad you were able to listen to your body, rest and take it easy. Some down time is so important! “And” what’s with the comment about the visor and big glasses?? Europe didn’t see either of those items :)
    We are looking forward to having you home, enjoy the time you have left, Love, Mom

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds perfect — your body always lets you know what you need. We’ve had similar moments in Easter Island. I can really identify, too, about seeing “home” in so many places. “This reminds me of New Mexico,” we said of Cappadocia,” minus the cacti.” I bet you’re looking forward to spending the holidays at home. It will be weird for us to be so far from home.

  6. Jeannie says:

    Happy 33rd Birthday Jodi! Oh wait, it’s #34! Just realized I’m going to be 37 – Aaahhhrgh!!!!! Have a grand birthday and we’ll see you soon!

    love, jeannie, brian, fisher, and scout