With the Perito Moreno glacier looming in front of us we knew exactly what we were about to see, yet we were not expecting to be overwhelmed by its beauty.

Jodi and I have seen a few glaciers before, in North America and New Zealand, but for me this was by far the most impressive. To really get up close to the glacier’s massive cliff we took a boat that navigated between icebergs on the glacier-fed lake. The glacier’s cliff is about 600m (200ft) high and spans the entire width of the lake, about 5km (3mi). We were told that this glacier is actually growing about two meters a day, which is pretty amazing in itself. However, it loses about that much each day when large chunks fall off. Every few minutes, thunderous crackling of ice warned that another piece was getting set to fall. Our eyes scanned constantly watching for a large chunk to break off. And when one of these massive pieces finally fell, exclamations of excitement and clicking of cameras nearly drowned out the thunderous explosion of glacial ice crashing into the lake.

As always, our recent photos can be viewed on Chris’ and Jodi’s flickr pages.

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