Well, it’s probably no surprise but we are again woefully behind on our posts. We’ve finished our last leg of the Trans Mongolian train along with a 12-day tour of Mongolia, and our nomadic family spring migration, and we haven’t even posted on much of China; such is the life of procrastinating travelers.

We hope you will return to read about the terracotta warriors, hiking the great wall, riding the transmongolian train, moving with the nomads, traveling through Mongolia by jeep, and touring Russia. We’re currently about to embark on whirlwind tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thus, our blog will be quiet for another week (unless we find a few hours here and there to update it). But really, c’mon, there’s so much to see how can we possibly sit indoors waiting for slow internet connections. Yes, my patience has run out! No need to fret though, we’ve visited so many amazing places and met so many fantastic people—I cannot wait to start sharing our travels with you again.

It seems all signs from our electronics are telling us to come home. Nearly everything is on the fritz from Ipods to computers. My backpack has taken a beating as well; the zipper failed on one pocket with two others on the way, and upon leaving Mongolia, our taxi driver placed my pack in battery acid. Now I’ve got two holes burnt through my only good pocket!

So, after nearly 10 months of travel we’ve decided to come home. Over the next week, we’ll be strolling through Red Square, touring the Kremlin, getting lost in the Hermitage, and marveling at the Petrodvorets. Much to our surprise, we arrived just as Russia is celebrating Independence Day (or Russia Day) so tons of festivities are ongoing. We’re looking forward to all the celebrations! Then on June 17,  it’s home sweet home.

We’re a bit sad to bid adieu to traveling. We’ve learned it’s our hobby, and we’ve already started to plan our next big trip (that is, when we can afford it again!). We’re thinking the Galapagos or my much dreamed about African safari. The one thing that really surprised me about this trip is that we’ve learned you can travel with just small amounts of time just as easily as with heaps of time, you just take smaller trips…..

4 Responses to “Nearing the end of the line (with posts to come)”

  1. Nomada23 says:

    Wow! I have this fear as I am planning my RTW, to run out of money, energy, or something else and come back earlier than the itinerary planned. Did you guys get tired or overwhelmed? It has been great reading your posts. Good luck!

  2. Becca says:

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels! Can’t wait to see you and catch up! I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone and how much you have seen and experienced. Amazing! Take care – Becca

  3. Kate says:

    I can not wait to see you! Your blog has been so wonderful, you are going to need to keep blogging about life state-side when you get home so i have something to read!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, so this is it? Now you know the best thing about buying tickets as you go: you can go home whenever you want! I am planning a trip to Seattle, and will miss you by days (leaving June 15 back to New Mexico). Another time, I hope. I wish you all the best as you finish your travels!