Now that I am unemployed my days are pretty simple. I spend them taking Lucy for walks and hunting for jobs. So they seem a bit uneventful, which becomes more than evident in my daily talks with Jodi. Our conversations usually start out something like this:

Jodi: How are you?
Chris: Fine, how are you?
Jodi: Stressed. I’m studying for 5 finals and writing a 12 page paper that’s due tomorrow. What did you do today?
Chris: Um, I took Lucy for a walk.
Jodi: (Silence……)

The other day I had a little news to report though. There was construction for a long overdue crosswalk going on near our house. While watching the guys work, a drunk driver drove through the Fred Meyer parking lot hitting nine cars along the way. So to change up my day, I wandered out and took a look at the smashed up cars. Along the way, I chatted with the construction crew about the crosswalk and upon reaching the parking lot I surveyed the damage. As I arrived, the cops were just putting the obviously intoxicated driver of the van into the back of their squad car. I brought my camera so I snapped a couple photos of the scene. One of the owners of a smashed car saw me and asked me to take photos of his damaged car as well. A few others gave me their emails and the investigating police officer wanted a copy of the photos for her report as well.

I thought this was pretty exciting stuff but Jodi seemed less than impressed. After going through my events of the day she exclaimed that it must be nice to be a retired old man. At first I was offended, but I guess I can see where that came from. Being unemployed does seem a lot like what retirement might be like. I walk around the neighborhood and see what everyone is up to. To fill you in on the news, our next door neighbors (the ones with chickens) just moved out and the house is for rent. I talk to random people, like construction workers, about what is happening. And I investigate un-normal occurrences like the carnage in the parking lot. Now that this realization has hit me, I can tell you that it will be nice when I have gainful employment again. I’m not sure how the retirees do it.

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