35. 3-5, supposedly lucky numbers for a Sagittarius mark my age this year. A week ago, I predicted a midlife crisis of sorts might hit today. How did I get this old, I pondered. And, when will I ever grow up?

Ten years ago, I started down a path that led me to where I am today. I began working at a international public health organization. And, ten years ago today they hired me. At the time, I was lost and disillusioned. I left marine biology behind in search of some place where I could make a difference. But, here’s the problem. That was ten years ago, and I don’t feel like I have it any more together than I did then.

Sure, sure … much of this can be chalked up to being back in school surrounded by 22-year-old dreamers but it begs the question—when do you grow up? My sister recently said that one grows up when they can afford furniture that doesn’t come with Swedish directions. Hmmm … at the rate I’m going that might never happen.

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