The Garden

Growing for a few months now, we thought we’d appease our family with a garden update. I planted my tomatoes (of course), carrots, corn, beans, pumpkins, acorn squash, and cucumbers. Everything seems to be growing pretty well but the only thing that has borne fruit thus far are my little tomato plants. Even though the the little guys are small right now, I can already tell that we will have a pretty good crop.

The Garden

The corn and beans are on the right, cucumbers and carrots are in the middle, pumpkins and acorn squash are on the left with the tomatoes hanging out in the back.

Baby Tomatoe

My first¬†tomato is from my experiment with the “Topsy Turvy”. My upside down tomato plant is doing really well. I do have to water it a lot but the plant is getting really big. I just hope the branches can withstand the weight of the tomatoes when they start to mature.

Carrots and Tomatoes

I planted three rows of carrots, and it looks like a row and a half decided to grow. The leaves are getting pretty tall but I will have to consult my carrot seed package to figure out when I can start harvesting.


The pumpkins are definitely the  fastest growers (at least the leaves are getting big). But so far no sign of actual pumpkins. There is only a month and a half until Halloween so hopefully they get going.

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