Chris on December 13th, 2008

So there we were—soaking wet and cold huddling together to form a human wall against the relentless wind, when all of a sudden frantic shouts in Spanish and pointing signaled approaching whales. I looked over just in time to see a whale fly out of the water and slam down with a gigantic thud, cheers [...]

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Jodi on December 6th, 2008

During any extended trip, there is a point when fatigue gets the best of you. For us, exhaustion hit in Bariloche, a Bavarian-like city set amongst pristine lakes and mountains. In making our way to Bariloche, we planned several hikes for our stay. Despite setting our alarms to wake early, each morning passed without us [...]

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Jodi on November 30th, 2008

Pictures will be added to this post when the author regains her┬ápatience with slow internet connections….. Throughout our travels, fellow backpackers talked about Argentina in grandiose fashion. “Wait until you get to Argentina”, they said – “Oh, the chocolate, you’re going to love the chocolate and the buses are out of this world – it’s [...]

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