Jodi on August 24th, 2009

Most folks seem to think that buying tickets as you go on the Trans-Siberian railway is way too complicated for them. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s not. We traveled from Beijing to Moscow, but buying your tickets the other way around should be the same. Visas First of all, you need to get [...]

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Jodi on August 12th, 2009

When planning our trip, the mystique of the Trans-Siberian railway captured Chris’ attention. I was a little less enthused after watching the movie Transsiberian on our flight home from Argentina. Filled with murder and mystery, the movie did little to make me want to rush out and take the Trans-Mongolian train. It was something akin [...]

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When the alarm went off at 4am, we groaned and debated whether we should hike the Great Wall of China from Jinshanling to Simitai another day. Begrudgingly though, we dragged ourselves out of bed and made our way to the Dongzhimen bus station. Most folks doing this hike book through a tour group. But to [...]

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Jodi on June 23rd, 2009

From Xian we took the deluxe Z train to Beijing. The Z trains are highly touted for their speed and luxury, but we didn’t see much of a difference between these trains and the others in China despite the fact that the ticket costs an extra US$15. We shared our compartment with two Chinese aviation [...]

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Chris on June 19th, 2009

      Visiting the Terracotta Army was one of the attractions that I was most excited to see on our tour through China. I still remember going to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle when they displayed an exhibit on China. There were wax and metal artists creating miniature statues of lions and an [...]

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