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History of Kalaloch Lodge

Kalaloch is pronounced KLAY-lock and is located on a wind-swept northwestern stretch of the Washington Coast known as the Olympic Peninsula, and is within the boundaries of the 922,000 acre Olympic National Park. Click here for more history of the area.

The Kalaloch Lodge wasnít the Lodge that exists today when it was first constructed in the 1920ís. When Charles W. Becker Sr. acquired roughly 40 acres of coastal land just south of Kalaloch Creek in the mid 1920s, there were no roads to the property. Milled lumber that washed up on the beach was used to construct the first small sleeping cabins, erected in the late 1920s. In 1931 it was the site of ribbon cutting ceremonies for the official opening of the Olympic Peninsula's loop highway. After the Highway (now Hwy. 101) provided better access to the area, more cabins were built. The complex, known as "Beckerís Ocean Resort," offered simple lodging to auto travelers. Click here to see a photo of the original lodge building.

Ten years later, Becker's served as the quarters for a U.S. Coast Guard unit engaged in coastal defense patrol operations. During Coast Guard occupancy, the main lodge was destroyed by fire and later, replaced by a new lodge structure in the early 1950s. Between the close of World War II and into the 1960s, Becker constructed several new cabins and improved and/or moved several of the older cabins, including adding the new Main Lodge building.

In 1978, the National Park Service purchased the property and turned it over to concessioners Marge and Larry Leslie, ending 58 years of operation by the Beckers. Soon after, the resort was renamed Kalaloch Lodge. More than a dozen small cabins were removed in 1979 and after, being replaced by log structures during the 1982 and 1983 seasons.

In 1989 ARA Leisure Services, (currently ARAMARK) purchased Kalaloch Lodge from the Leslies. ARAMARK now operates as an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service. Kalaloch offers the only year-round lodging in Olympic National Park.