Our Wedding  
  Chris and Jodi Aug. 18, 2007  
Our Story

Jodi's Story
Interested in meeting and dating new people, we gave online dating a try around the same time. While perusing profiles, I came across Chris and loved his smile. Although my friends thought that he was way too much into TV (his entire profile was committed to reality TV), I thought there had to be more to someone with a smile like that and so I emailed him. After several email exchanges, we set-up a date at the Starbucks near Greenlake. What we thought would be a short coffee date turned into an epic 4-hour long conversation, but neither of us realized how much time had passed. Friends that drove by to check on me before their soccer game did another drive-by after their soccer game and were amazed to see us still sitting there. In much the same way our relationship has carried on, many years have passed - but it feels like only days.

Chris' Story
I was excited when I got the email from Jodi. Up until that point, I was the one writing girls, so it felt kind of good to have someone write me. I liked her profile and we seemed to have quite a bit in common. She was into scuba diving and traveling. It was apparent that she was an overall outdoorsy girl that didn't take herself too seriously. We started conversing and seemed to hit it off, so I set a date at Starbucks. The rest is history.